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Banquet @ Swansboro High School

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Swansboro Sharks Youth Practice Schedule
Author: Coach Spiece
I scheduled practices on Tuesday and Thursday where our high school schedule would allow it. The Monday and Wednesday practices are in bold. Practices will be held in the Swansboro gym from 6:30pm-7:30pm. I'm looking forward to this co
Home Match Next Week Moved
Author: Coach Spiece
The schedule has been changed... We will be at New Bern on Nov 29th. We will be wrestling South Lenoir and New Bern. Start time will be 5pm.
Flotilla Fundraiser
Author: Coach Spiece
Swansboro Wrestling Flotilla: 24 November2017   Annual FlotillaFundraiser Bake Sale =we tell people to take what they want and give what they want. We do wellfinancially, but more importantly the kids get the opportunity to hang out andenjoy
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