Flotilla Fundraiser
11/20/2017 3:25 PM

Swansboro Wrestling

Flotilla: 24 November2017


Annual FlotillaFundraiser

Bake Sale =we tell people to take what they want and give what they want. We do wellfinancially, but more importantly the kids get the opportunity to hang out andenjoy the evening. It is a good time!

We will meetdowntown Swansboro at 2:45pm before they close the streets. We set up just downfrom Yana’s.

We needeveryone to bring cookies, brownies, or some other baked good that can easilybe packaged in zip-lock bags. The more we have the better our display tablelooks! Whatever you make please send them in zip-lock bags (2-3 cookies or 1-2brownies in each bag).

The bakesale will last until the crowd goes home. We would like for the kids to stayuntil we dismiss if possible.

If you haveany questions email me at:

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