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This section is meant to provide useful information that falls outside the technical realm of wrestling.  It might include advice from other wrestling parents or coaches and could cover items like in-season nutrition, what types of food to pack for a long tournament, how to deal with the additional laundry your son/daughter will produce, or other similar subjects.  Most of these items were pulled from the internet; however, if you're a parent and would like to contribute, send me your thoughts via email and I will post them for others' benefit.  Thanks.     V/r Coach Ski 

- ARTICLE:  This is an article from USA Wrestling titled "What to Expect as a First Time Wrestling Parent." 

- ARTICLE:  This is an article from Level UP Wrestling about what parents can do to help their wrestler(s) succeed.

- ARTICLE:  This is a very sincere article called, “Confessions of a Recovering Wrestling Parent.”  It’s written by a father and starts out by detailing the dread he and his wife felt when their son came home saying he wanted to go out for wrestling.  Though not fans of the sport initially and for many years afterwards, they both do a 180, eventually coming to the realization of all the life lessons their son gained from this outstanding sport!  It’s a very candid article that parents and especially new parents will be able to relate to.

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