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Required documents

1.  Participation Packet.  This packet must be completed before an athlete can participate in any pre-season workouts or try out for a team.  Please read the documents, provide the required information, and initial/sign where required.  You may print out and handwrite OR type on the forms.  While the latter is preferred, both options are acceptable.  Regardless of the method chosen, all documents must be returned to the coach via hardcopy and must contain "wet signature(s)" and initials (i.e., no electronic ones).  Both requirements are mandated by Onslow County Schools (OCS) policy.  The packet is set up so you only have to type information one time and it will auto-populate the remaining pages.  

The following items will be completed during the Winter Sportsmanship Brief, which will take place on 9 November at 6:30 pm in the Main Gym.       


2.  2020-21 SHS Sportsmanship BriefAttend the High School's Winter Sportsmanship Brief on 9 November at 6:30, in the cafeteria.   

3.  "Concussion Crash Course" Video.  This video will be shown during the Sportsmanship Brief, so you will knock out both requirements by attending.   


4.  NCHSAA Consent & Release Form.  This form will be completed and signed by all athletes during the Sportsmanship Brief.  


** Note:  If your child competed in a fall sport (e.g., football), they can skip steps 2 through 4 since they already completed them during the Fall Sportsmanship Brief.  **        


additional documents

1.  Return to Play.  If your child suffers a concussion, he/she will be required to complete the actions and documentation included in this packet, before they can return to play.  Note:  It does not matter if the concussion occurred during or outside their respective school activity - a concussion is a concussion and it automatically triggers the required protocol.     

2.  Travel Home Waiver.  Per OCS policy, students are required to travel to and from athletic competitions in vehicles owned or leased by OCS (e.g., buses, vans, etc.); however, the requirement to return home with the team may be waived (i.e., may return home with parents), if this release form is on file with the school.  Note, this waiver only applies to return trips.  At no time, can a student be transported by their parent or anyone else to an athletic activity.    

3.  NFHS Skin Lesion Form If your son or daughter contracts ringworm or some other skin disease, they will be required to be cleared by a doctor before they can wrestle.  This is the form that your doctor must fill out.  No other forms or letters will be accepted for competitions.  


4.  Home School Information.  This link will redirect you to OCS's website, and more specifically, a section detailing the requirements for home school students to participate in athletics.  Read the information, then fill out and submit the electronic form at the bottom of the page.    

*** In order to type on a document, you must first download or save (i.e., "save as") it to your computer; otherwise, your information will be lost. ***

*** All forms are set to autopopulate, so you only have to enter information one time.  For example, if you type your child's name on the first page of a document, it will populate on the remaining pages. ***    

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