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Build Physical & Mental Toughness

  • Like MMA?  Know which fighting discipline holds the most UFC titles? 

  • Know which sport produces the most Navy SEALs?

  • Know why the Marine Corps actively recruits wrestlers?


No Tryouts/Competition-Based Lineup

  • No tryouts!  If you can handle the workouts, you’ll make the team!  No experience required.

  • Want a sport where starting is based purely on your ability to beat your opponent(s) in a one-on-one scenario? 


Find Your Sport/Become a Better Athlete

  • Too short for Basketball?  Too small for football?  Wrestling only cares about the size of your heart and it caters to athletes from 106 to 285 lbs!

  • Football your main sport?  Feel you need the off-season to lift?  Well, bars and plates won’t fight back like an opponent on the gridiron, but you’ll see plenty of fight in wrestling.  Use wrestling to make yourself a better football player.  There’s a reason college football coaches actively recruit former wrestlers!  Don’t believe it, click on the QR code below to learn more.  

  • Wrestling increases body control, balance, endurance, agility, reflexes and mental toughness, which translates to other sports (e.g., Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, Track, Jiu Jitsu, etc.).  Make wrestling your "off season" sport.   


Character & Family

  • Wrestling is a test of strength and endurance; conditioning and hard work; it‘s one-on-one focus develops self-reliance, perseverance and mental toughness that not only translates to other sports but life as well.    

  • Despite the individual nature of wrestling, the grueling workouts create a team dynamic of shared misery that builds a bond and a culture no other sport can match.  Interested in being a part of that family? 

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